Why Volunteer?

Join one of the world’s largest free Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and clean air programs. You will connect with people passionate about clean air and protection from airborne contaminants and illnesses, gain work experience, and be part of the solution for healthier communities.

Remote volunteers are welcome to work from anywhere in the world, provided that they proactively provide updates and communicate. Meetings can be held at flexible times depending on the team.

The key responsibilities serve as a guideline. For most positions, there is flexibility, as we are open to your ideas.

Successful volunteers will receive:

  • Reference letter or confirmation of volunteer or community hours
  • Discounts on PPE and/or clean air equipment from the store (within reason)
  • Free Donate A Mask branded merchandise
  • Experience in your selected position working in eCommerce and/or the supply chain, fulfillment, procurement, and distribution of physical goods
  • Knowledge of clean air strategies and protection from airborne contaminants and illnesses through engaging with a like-minded community
  • Experience in a remotely-run organization with physical warehousing and distribution centres with many learning opportunities

Fill in this form if you are interested in volunteering. We will contact you to schedule a call to understand your availability and interests if it is a fit. Groups, students, and retirees are welcome to volunteer as well.


Donate A Mask, a program operated by Evidence-Based Social Enterprises Canada (EBSECan) is a registered Canadian charity operating nation-wide and operated by volunteers. Since its incorporation as a registered charity in January 2022, Donate A Mask has helped thousands of Canadians stay safe during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and increasing number of wildfires by providing them with high-quality Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), such as N95 respirator masks, and clean air kits (which include HEPA-quality air filters, carbon dioxide monitors, and/or reusable N95 respirator masks). In April 2022, a partnership with the Canadian Red Cross allowed it to also begin providing free COVID-19 rapid tests to Canadians. 

By sending free PPE and clean air kits on request to any Canadian that requests it, Donate A Mask removes barriers for vulnerable Canadians and supports equitable access to products that promote health and safety during the ongoing pandemic. 

The PPE Request Program and the Clean Air Program are funded and supported through proceeds from the Donate A Mask charity fundraising eCommerce store launched in April 2022 (https://buymask.ca), donations of PPE from private and public businesses, cash donations from the public, and grant funding. The eCommerce store is also the exclusive Canadian retailer to purchase innovative international brands such as SIP Mask and ReadiMask.

Fulfillment Specialist – Mississauga OR Kanata

Get some exercise in a COVID-conscious environment while meeting like-minded people in-person in Mississauga or Kanata! This team ensures that PPE and clean air kits requests and store purchases are filled and shipped. This is a great opportunity to gain supply chain and warehousing experience related to running an eCommerce business.

Mississauga, ON

Kanata, ON

Key Responsibilities

  • Work with a small group in the warehouse to ensure items are retrieved, organized, and shipped in a timely manner
  • Accurately read and fulfill orders and update the database
  • Print and attach shipping labels to packages
  • Occasionally offload deliveries from our suppliers
  • Occasionally lift up to 25-30 lbs, but the majority of packages will be under 5lbs


  • Location: Mississauga or Kanata
  • Communicate within 2 business days through Slack, particularly if your availability to fulfill orders has changed
  • Strong attention to detail
  • Ability to work independently
  • Training provided
  • Groups and individuals welcome
  • Desire to learn
  • N95 masks worn during in-person activities


Please note that this form shows all positions, and some may not be available if the volunteer description is not active.